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I know sometimes it can be tough to stay on the healthy path because we are bombarded with so many things that are not good for our health. When I look at the ingredients in food and beauty products it makes me sick, because I know that companies do not have to put these types of things in our food and products. It makes me so mad that people don't care about one another. Even before I read about certain things being no good for me. I always had a feeling that these things were no good for my body or health.

I look at the ingredients on everything. No matter if it is food or beauty products. I made me some lip balm and it turned out really nice. I'm still using it. It works very well and it smells so good.

I don't use any beauty products that has animal in it. There are many beauty products that you can buy without those harsh ingredients in it. I have found a couple of places and I am looking into more. I'm on a mission to find things and use things that are better for my health and well-being. I hope I don't sound fanatical because I am not. I'm just a person who is very passionate about taking care of one's health. I want to look good and feel good. I know many people want to look good but looking good is nothing without feeling good. The inside always reflects what is on the outside. If you're body is not working properly than your outside is going to reflect that.

Staying on the healthy side is an ongoing process. I've told many people what I've learned and some choose not to believe it. I don't get mad because it's their choice to make. Unfortunately, some people make bad choices and have to pay later on in their lives. On the other hand, I think the reason people choose not to believe it is because they don't want to believe that people can be that cruel to one another by not caring and putting things in the food that could harm someone's physical and mental health.

The facts show that it is true. Once you find out about it than you have to take iniative and do something about it. It's your health and your life. You shouldn't wait until you get sick to make that decision. Believe me, once you do some reading about food, body and health it will all make sense. I know it did for me.


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