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Name :
Shri Vimalnath Digamber Jain Teerth Kshetra Kampilji
Is an Teerth Kshetra (The place of Teerhankar Vimalnath’s Garbha, Janma, Tup & Gyan Kalyanaka).
Address :
Shri Vimalnath Digamber Jain Teerth Kshetra Kampilji
Place – Kampil, Post – Kayamganj, Taluka – Kayamganj, Dist. – Farrukhabad (U.P.)
Phone 05690 – 271230
Management committee :
Shri Vimalnath Digamber Jain Teerth Kshetra Committee, Kampilji
Place – Kampil, Post – Kayamganj, Taluka – Kayamganj, Dist. – Farrukhabad (U.P.)
Phone 05690 – 271230
Chair Person :
Shri Devrishi Jain (Devarshi Jain)
Place & Post – Etah (U.P.) Pin – 207001
Phone 05742 – 233062, 233221& 233868
Secretary :
Shri Yogendra Kumar Jain Mridul
Kayamganj, Dist. – Farrukhabad (U.P.) Pin - 207502
Phone 05690 – 231007
Nearby City :
Kayamganj 10 km
Agra 150 km
Kanpur 180 km
About Kampilji :

Kampil City is an ancient city of India situated at the bank of river Ganga. This was the capital of Panchal King Drupad and birth place of Dropadi. She chose her husband here by the process of Swayamvara. This is also the place of Garbha, Janma, Tup & Gyan Kalyanaka of Bhagwan Vimalnath, the 13th Teerthankar. 10th Chakravarti Shri Harishen & 12th Shri Brahmadatta also born here and ruled over the world from here. Bhagwan Adinath established 52 districts (Janapada) at that time and there were 16 Mahajanapada at the time of Mahaveer, Panchal Janapada was one of them. It is found in the books that Samavsharan of Bhagwan Adinath, Parsvanath & Mahaveer came here. In this way Kampil is an ancient sacred place of India. After the great war of Mahabharata, Kampil became the centre of spiritual knowledge & education.

Main Temple & Idol :

In the North-West part of Kampil City in the middle of population, there is an ancient
temple of V.S. 492 which is constructed on a 10 feet high platform, about 1500 years old. Bhagwan Vimalnath’s idol 2 feet high in cross legged seating posture is the principal deity of this temple, idol is supposed to be more then 2500 years old, magnificent & attractive, Black in color. It is said that this was recovered from river Ganga.
Other so many idols are also worth to be seen. The spire of temple is very high & vast.

Temple Kind of:
Other Temple :

There is a hillock known as Aghatia Teela, it is said that Bhagwan Vimalnath achieved super natural knowledge (Kevalgyan) here. On digging this hillock, Dig. Jain Idols are found here. An old tattered pond is also here known as Dropadi Kund.

Annual Gatherings :
Annual Festival (Mela) from Chaitra Krishna 15 to Chaitra Shukla 2,
Annual Festival (Mela) from Ashvin Krishna 2 to 4
Facilities :
Three Dharmshalas with full facilities are here.
Guest House of Tourism Department is also here.
Means of approach :
Road – Busses are available from Delhi, Agra, Farrukhabad, Aligarh, Etah, Kayamganj etc.
Train – Kayamganj is the nearest, Tempo, Taxi, Tonga are available every time for Kampil. Other stations are Agra, Mathura, Hathrasa, Kanpur.
Airport – Kanpur, Agra
Nearby Places :
Shri Ashram of Kapil Rishi, Dropadi Kund and many more Jain & Hindu religious places are worth to be seen.
Government of India has declared Kampil as Tourist Centre for its historical & mythological importance.



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