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Place To Study
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Place To Study

When taking courses at school, always study the same subject in the same place (at the same time, if possible), It will aid in recall later.

Review Class Material

People forget about 70 percent of what they learn within one hour and 84 percent within 48 hours. Review school material immediately after having learned it.

Bulletin Board

Leaving an important notice on the bulletin board for weeks does little to increase exposure. Once people read it, they ignore it. To draw attention to it again and again, keep moving the position of the notice or reprint it on a different color paper. They’ll be tricked into reading it again. And they may get the message that you consider it’s important.

When Penning Memos

Bad handwriting costs U.S. businesses about $200 million a year, according to a handwriting textbook publisher. (101 Ways to Make Every Second Count by Robert Bly.) So when making notes, think about the person who has to read it. Poor communication costs more than time.

Timely Quote

Life is tough; it takes a lot of your time.    - Sean Morey, comedienne


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