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Sales Time
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Sales Time

When you visit a client, set up an appointment for the next visit before you leave. That way the client’s calendar will likely be free.

Test-Taking Time Tips

Test taking is a skill that can be learned. This skill, combined with planning and preparation can result in high marks. Obtain copies of past exams to determine any pattern of frequently tested areas and the types of questions asked. Get a good night’s sleep before the exam. Go for a walk on the morning of the exam. Eat lightly. Walk into the exam room relaxed and refreshed; telling yourself you’re going to do great. Don’t allow negative thoughts to invade your mind. Don’t discuss information or compare notes with other students before walking into the room; it will generally confuse you.

Take Advantage Of Driving Time

The time spent commuting to and from work by car is about 70 minutes, according to an article in American Demographics. (101 Ways to Make Every Second Count by Robert W. Bly, Career Press, 1999.)

Use Common Words

Looking up words in the dictionary takes time. George Simeron, author of over 500 books said he was able to write so many books by limiting his vocabulary to 2000 words so he could work continuously.

Timely Quote

“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.”
-Victor Kiam, entrepreneur


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