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  "Say three times, 'God is light within me, the angels are warmth,
human beings are kindness'. Then say three times, 'God is light
within me, my spirit is warmth, and I am kindness'. These
formulas given by the Master Peter Deunov are affirmations. 'I
am kindness.' Yes, even an evil person will eventually become
good if he repeats these words with conviction and with the
sincere desire to improve. Humans will not know or understand
anything of God unless they sense him inwardly as life,
strength, love and light. True revelation lies in the sensation,
the certainty, that the Lord is within us and that we are fused
with him, that there is no separation between him and us.
These formulas from the Master Peter Deunov recall certain of
Jesus' words which are also powerful affirmations: 'The Father
and I are one', 'My Father is still working and I also am
working', 'I am the resurrection and the life', 'I am the light
of the world'. These phrases spoken by Jesus represent the goal
we too must attain if we are to become true sons and daughters
of God."


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